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Order balloons with us for your special occasion. We do a variety and special themes. Get a 10% discount  if ordered at the same time booking our venue room. For more information please contact us or speak to a member of staff.

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Balloon Prices

18” Standard Shaped Foils £3.45

18” Special Greeting Foils £4.95

Latex balloon £1.95

Clusters of 3 starting from £6.00

                                                                                      Giant Numbers/Letters £10.95 (Standard)                                                                                   

Giant Numbers/Letters Deluxe £13.95 (Includes fancier weigh & extra decor) 

Gender Reveal £17.95

Unicorn/Dinosaurs/Rainbows/ large cartoon characters  from £12.00

Garlands from £50

Rainbow Birthday Package From £39.95

Number Candles/Banners/weights £1.75

All balloons come with helium, string and a weight. We also have several balloon packages at great prices. We can cater to any request, no request is either too big or small.

Unfortunately many balloon accessories and party products are not biodegradable. We urge you to dispose of your waste responsibly and recycle where possible. Try to avoid letting them free into the sky as it is very harmful to animals.

All prices are inclusive of VAT