Hot Drinks

Babychino 50p

Espresso £1.80

Americano £2.10

Latte £2.45

Cappuccino £2.45

Flat White £2.70

Mocha £2.70

Hot Chocolate £2.70

Pot of Tea £2.50

All Extras are 50p each Soya | Almond Milk | Syrups | Cream | Marshmallows

Cold Drinks

Iced Americano £2.10

Iced Latte £2.45

Iced Cappuccino £2.45

Peached Iced Tea £2.45

We have a variety of adult and children drinks in our Grab & Go fridge. These can be brought for on the go or to be enjoyed as a quick snack inside our coffee shop. 


BerryNana £3.45

Banana, Strawberries & Blueberries with Almond Milk

CocoMango £3.45

Mango, Banana & Chia Seeds with Coconut Water 

Green Machine £3.45

Cucumber, Spinach, Banana, Chia Seeds & Lime with Coconut Water 

Special occasion coming up? No head space or time to make food? Take a look at our Catering Menu

( Please note, our Catering menu is exclusive of VAT)